How and why to go from stylist to educator:

Have you found yourself working behind the chair and another stylist approaches you with a color question? Do you get a sense of joy and accomplishment when you can help out a fellow stylist? Have you been in a class and you felt like you wanted to jump in and teach it yourself lol?! Do you love watching new professionals grow?

Then it might time to focus your time and energy on educating.

The hard part is HOW? For many years there were really only 2 mainstream options
1. Educate at your local beauty school which include adhering to strict state board regulations
2. Educate for a brand which would likely prevent you from talking about some of the ways us stylists bend the rules behind the chair on occasion and use the creative freedom to get the latest looks we are going for.
Both are great options but in the last few years, there is another option which is gaining popularity…

Independent education

with this style of education, you’re free to educate on the range of tools, products, and techniques that you implement behind the chair. The reason this is so popular among our community is the freedom we have to educate stylist to stylist on the ways we “bend the rules” through years of experience with different products. The opportunity to really be yourself can shine through as you come from a place of experience. Now, of course, this comes with a price, all of the work that goes’s into developing curriculum, practicing your curriculum, pricing, building a name for yourself so that others will want to join in…



This was the #1 reason I created The House of Collaboration educator mentorship group. To create a group of like-minded people who can encourage each other through the ups and downs of education. Through using the E-book as a study guide and the group for questions that will be directly answered by me along with feedback from others you will have no choice but to grow and succeed. This platform can be used in conjunction with your brand education or other educational employment opportunities as it will only help you grow in all areas.

Amber O'Hara