Self Care

Hello Beautiful Beauty pros, India Dunn for House of Collaboration here.  

And any time I can get a message out to you about how powerFULL you are and how important you are to the communities you serve is an honor and privilege. As a contribution to this awesome platform I will hope this feels like information you can take and apply to your life behind the chair, on the stage and in the salon in real time. 

When you have thoughts about burnout do you think “oh I’m not there yet...?”  Or do you think “I know someone who is burnt out?" But do we really know what burnout looks like, what the indicators are? 

If we look at our current position in the industry (our job) and where we have to devote time and energy, then we add on our personal lives, then add what we’re coping with just by watching the news and being on social media... That my friends is a recipe for present day, real time, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual fatigue: aka burnout. 

You have the weight of all your community's emotional baggage on top of all of your own stuff. 

I’m not trying to stress you out more, what I am tending to is your unacknowledged primary roles behind the chair: cheerleader, therapist, confidant and transformation magician. 

The more awareness and acknowledgement of how much you do for your people the more we see the expanded version of what we as the Beauty Expert are expected to be. 

So how do we take care of ourselves, have healthy boundaries and create lasting success? 

I believe that incremental additions create a lasting foundation for change. But the deeper layers of what we need as creatives has more to do with how we create. Actually how we don’t.

Artists who serve their communities through their creativity are giving of themselves in a way few do. There is a deep well of creative energy that we tap into, but it has to be given the time and space to be refilled after days of outpouring. 

I believe if we when we are in a deep acknowledgement of what we are really doing daily then we will properly prepare our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical selves for the work. You are an agent for transformation, a partner of the spiritual manifesting into the physical, translating vanity into beauty. We must not take our work at "face value.” There's so much more at play when we wield our magic.

As a co-creator you are in a position to give your client a safe and sacred space to reveal themselves. To reframe and reconnect. We can have immense power and energy to change our clients view and help them become a more vibrant being. My desire is to help you actualize that power and be a more positive energy and ultimately enhance your connections and your business and not burnout before your time. 

Taking extreme/extra care of ourselves is a huge part of us reserving/building and clearing that energy to sustain and retain a thriving clientele. As beauty professionals we are seeing patrons in such a way that our days do not allow for a break or any time to process the individual interactions. And as these appointments stack up hour after hour, day after day... cumulative effects can start to cause harm to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. As burnout is a sister to compassion fatigue and has all the same symptoms, an aware approach enables you to stop it before it starts. 

Passion and Purpose Through Self Awareness/Self Worth/Self Care

1.Validation/Victories/Self Praise - Reverse the effects of negative inner dialogue and write down what you bring to the chair. Not as a hairdresser amidst hairdressers,beauty expert among beauty experts, but as you, as a human being: your ability to bring laughter, ability to listen, your healing touch, your artistry and its ability to transform. Healthy boundaries start with a healthy sense of self worth. Self worth starts with you. 

2. Daily routine - Set yourself up for success and emotional freedom. Make time to do a mindful moment of manifestation. Create a strategy to change your mind about your day and how you believe you "know" what's going to occur. Bring a beginners mind: "I have never been in this moment before."  Create a new conversation with yourself to relieve the old one.  Change your thoughts, change your life, change your mind and your actions will follow.

3. Expression - Artists are multifaceted.  We can express our creative nature through many mediums. Do you have more artistry that needs to be expressed?  Unexpressed creativity can cause frustration, anger and even depression. You may be neglecting another expression as your "art form" expresses only in hair/make-up/aesthetics. What could your next expression look like? Cooking, dancing, singing, painting, crafting, ______? 

This way of expressing yourself can be a spiritual practice, like meditation in motion. Creativity creates more creativity.

4. Reward - Non material, non consumption, non compensation (and in private, aka "you don't get to boast"). I have found that the kind of reward and replenishing that fills the internal well beyond a new shiny toy, a sweet treat or a big glass of wine is non negotiable for well being. You can feel the reward of being of service, you can feel reward in movement. You can feel reward in being in action for your well being. That also can be through healing, clearing and renewing as massage and energy work. Get to know what different types of reward create renewal for you, it can be a small adjustment to your intention and contribution. 

-India Dunn

Amber O'Hara