The growth you experience isn’t just for you

Any growth individually is growth for our entire industry. It’s important to Remember that when we see the stylist next to us building a full clientele , the educator getting the sponsorship contracts we thought we wanted, the salon owner filling her stations before us.
But have you ever thought of our industry as a whole ? How clients perceive us? How future stylists see us ? It’s one of the things I think about often, Im drawn to looking at the bigger picture. When I teach another hairstylist I don’t just think of them , I consider all those they can go on to teach and all the clients they will have the opportunity to create beauty on. With this type of thinking the industry seems so much brighter and opportunities so much bigger. The opposite effect is the narrow mindedness that can come from worrying about what other people are doing / teaching, looking at other stylists who are busier , younger , educators who are better, bigger , it creates a feeling of deprivation. It’s easy to get caught up in it, but the more we focus on what we want for our own unique goals and dreams and use actions to attain them, the easier it is for us to create security and believe in our vision.